The City of Boston comes back at Bruins game, the first professional sports event since the Boston Marathon

Last night the City of Boston came back in full force to cheer on the Boston Bruins. With emotions running high, being the first professional sporting event since Monday’s cowardly attacks at the Boston Marathon the city came together to show unity, to show strength, to show that they will not be intimidated.

Emotions ran high even before the game even started with a beautiful video played on the HD-X scoreboard at center ice. And then it was a moment of silence for the victims before it came time to sing the National Anthem which was the most powerful part of the ceremony. It started with long time anthem singer Rene Rancourt singing the first line or two and then he gave it to the fans who did an admirable job finishing the song. You can also view that below:

Credit: Youtube user hockeystreams

Last night was the first time for me where it didn’t really matter how the Bruins did, it was about watching that moment before the game, the rest was just an added bonus. As I mentioned the other day while I may not live in Boston it is definitely a second home to me because I had to spend numerous nights at Boston Children’s Hospital. So to me that is my second home, a city I fell in love with, I have so many great moments in Boston, and some not so great moments as you can expect from being in the hospital but more great than bad moments. I know one thing, I felt safer in Boston than I did at the local hospitals here.

Enough about me, lets get to the game. The Bruins lost 3-2 in a shootout but with the loss they clinched a playoff spot and tied in points with the Montreal Canadiens. And because they have fewer games played they took over first in the Northeast division. Was the game perfect? No, but under the circumstances, no game would be.

I can do on and on about how proud of Boston I am, and the City of Boston should be of themselves, but it really goes without saying I think that Boston is back, while not fully well, it will be one day, even if that day isn’t until next year, one day, Boston will be the same, like it was, like it should always be. And as for the victims and their families, they will never be the same, nor will first responders. But when I say Boston will be the same I am referring to how the city handle themselves in their day by day life.

This is the end of my blog, and as I have said over and over since this story broke and it remains true, my thoughts and prayers are with the medical personnel, families and the victims.


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