Re-Visiting the 2003 NHL Draft

Here is the last of the series. I hope you all have enjoyed this series. It is made to be fun and open discussion on the draft classes. For more from the series click on the NHL Draft tag and they should be right there for everyone to see. Today we’re going to do something special, a top 25, since 20 is to few to fit in players from this draft class.

Player Now 2003
Z. Parise 1 17
C. Perry 2 28
M.A. Fluery 3 1
E. Staal 4 2
S. Weber 5 49
P. Bergeron 6 45
R. Getzlaf 7 19
M. Richards 8 24
D. Brown 9 13
B. Seabrook 10 14
T. Vanek 11 5
J. Carter 12 11
L. Eriksson 13 33
N. Horton 14 3
R. Kesler 15 23
D. Backes 16 62
B. Burns 17 20
D. Byfuglien 18 245
J. Pavelski 19 205
D. Phanuef 20 9
J. Howard 21 64
C. Crawford 22 52
T. Enstrom 23 239
B. Elliot 24 291
N. Zherdev 25 4

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  1. I have really enjoyed reading your look backs at NHL drafts. It’s really interesting to see players that either exceeded expectations, or failed to perform the way people thought they would. As for the 2003 draft, there’s a lot of high draft picks that ended up being staples of their team. The fact that both Weber and Bergeron were second round picks really shows that you don’t have to be picked in the first round to become a key player in the NHL. The re-visiting drafts it’s a great idea, keep it up!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, I am not planning on doing any more at this time with a heavy portion of the NHL schedule coming up. Maybe in the summer I will do some special stuff leading to the NHL draft but right now I am working on other material. And I agree with your statement about Bergeron and Weber, those two surprised me to see them drafted so low. And the scary thing is that Bergeron came into the NHL as an 18 year old so if he can stay healthy he could be having his best seasons over the next 3-4 years which as a Bruins fan I am excited about. And Weber? Oh, he is only one of the best, if not the best defenseman in the NHL today.

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