First NHL 14 Screen Shot

First NHL 14 Screenshot. More details about the game comes out Monday April 15th.

EA also released a news article along with the screen which can be seen here:

What do you want to see in NHL 14?

Personally for me I want to see better goaltending, a new fighting engine, and improved AI for in game action.

In terms of modes Be a GM needs to get a major speed boost when in menu’s. Not only are the menu’s ugly as hell but they also slow the mode down big time. I should be able to sim a full season relatively quickly, but between injuries, slow sim speeds and a broken trade block that leads to trade offers that irritate you, Be a GM in NHL 13 was more of a hassle to me then it was fun.

In GM Connected it should be faster in the games menu, you should be able to use the most recent roster update when you start a new one, and authentic draft picks from Be a GM should also be included in GM Connected.

In the other modes, well I don’t really use them so I cannot offer my ideas there. But I think NHL 13 nails a lot of things on the ice, but off of the ice it is more of a pain than it was in years past.


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