Dodgers, Padres have themselves a throwdown. Or do they?

I do not come here to condone fighting, but when they happen I expect a good show. But what happened last night between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres wasn’t a fight, it was a mere rugby scrum. Let’s look at the video before breaking it down.

As you can see Carlos Quentin takes a pitch off the shoulder and starts heading towards the mound slowly, before Zack Greinke says something to him which forced him to charge the mound. Once Quentin got to the mound they collided on the mound and went down. The benches cleared but there were no clear punches thrown on top of the pile but on the bottom you can see a couple thrown but there is not clear evidence they landed.

When I think of a fight I definitely think of the fights in hockey being a hockey fan, and that is where punches are usually thrown and landed. So I have a hard time calling this a “brawl”, it is more of a rugby scrum. However there will be suspensions in all likelihood and Zack Greinke suffered a broken collarbone. The teams play a three game set next week on April 15th through the 17th.


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