Re-Visiting the 2005 NHL Draft.

So last week I was listening to a local radio show and they were re-ranking prior NFL drafts in terms of where players should have been drafted. And I was entertained by the idea so I wanted to do one for the NHL, so I looked over prior NHL drafts on Friday and I made lists of prior drafts and I am going to throughout this week and possibly next week I will make one post per day relating to one draft class. Monday was the 2007 class, and Tuesday was the 2006 class so today it is natural to do the 2005 draft and I will do this all week down to the 2003 draft.

Player Now 2005
S. Crosby 1 1
A. Kopitar 2 11
J. Neal 3 33
B. Ryan 4 2
K. Letang 5 62
P. Statsny 6 44
C. Price 7 5
J. Johnson 8 3
M. Staal 9 12
T. Oshie 10 24
J. Quick 11 72
T. Rask 12 21
K. Yandle 13 105
M. Vlasic 14 35
M. Hanzel 15 17
B. Bishop 16 85
J. Kindl 17 19
P. Hornquist 18 230
M. Raymond 19 51
A. Cogliano 20 25

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