Help wanted

Are you interested in writing for this site? We need some more people to help us deliver fresh content to the readers, our coverage areas as you might have seen in the header is Sports which covers the four major leagues such as the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL, Tech such as phones, laptops, computers, tablets and video games which lacks now but I had envisioned current and next generation consoles and games.

I am trying to assemble a staff so that we can move on to better things as a site such as having our own domain name down the road. I am not comfortable with the current stage as is to move forward but with the right staff I see no reason as to why we cannot become something more, something special because we would be the only website to my knowledge that would cover these three topics exclusively without adding music, TV or movies like IGN has done.

So what do you need to do? Well just email me directly at, and from there I only ask that you be 21 or over, and you must have prior work to show me so I can refer to your prior work as a guide on whether you get the spot.

As of right now we’re non-profit so no one gets paid for their work, think of this as an opportunity to add to a resume if you’re aiming for a career in journalism. My goal is that this site takes off and we can work together for many years to come and eventually get to a point where we make a living off of our site. I know that is a high place to aim, but I am a dreamer so no dream is to0 ambitious.

Thanks for reading,



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