The Day After: Where do the Bruins go from here?

Disclaimer: I make this article as a Boston Bruins fan so I offer a risk for a bias opinion in this article. While I try to be as fair and balanced in my NHL reporting there is no promises it will come across as such

As reported last night the Bruins had thought that they had a deal in place with the Calgary Flames for forward Jarome Iginla, but along the way Pittsburgh came in and acquired Iginla seemingly out of nowhere. Not only was this a blow to the Bruins off the ice but on the ice as well since the Bruins scratched defenseman Matt Bartkowski from there line-up in expectations of making a trade with the Flames. Meanwhile they called of Torey Krug from the Providence Bruins, which is Boston’s American Hockey League affiliate and he was ineffective in Boston’s game in Montreal, and they left Aaron Johnson playing more minutes then he was used to and deserved and he was out there (for some reason) in the final minute of regulation and he took a delay of game penalty which lead to Montreal’s tying goal on the powerplay with 8.2 seconds left. I blame the inexperience on the defense for the Bruins latest struggles. The Bruins lost 6-5 in a shootout last night, hich was the first half of the 1-2 punch to the gut.

I do not think the Bruins need to make a huge move, I was kind of hoping the Bruins wouldn’t blow their cap room on one player, they can make moves to better themselves by getting 2-3 players for the salary of Jarome Iginla’s $7M per year cap hit. So here is what the Bruins can target at the deadline to booster their depth chart for the playoff run.


  • Dan Boyle: Making $6.67M this year and next the Bruins could use his services to add help at the blue line. It may be too much money to take on for the Bruins but Boyle fits the bill that the Bruins have been asking for for God knows how long. He can move the puck and he is a very solid defensive player. He also is a Stanley Cup champion from his days in Tampa Bay.
  • Corey Sarich could be a good deal out of Calgary for the Bruins to look into. He is making just $2M a season for this year and next he isn’t a big cap hit and he is usually a solid defenseman.
  • Matt Carkner of the New York Islanders, he adds a mean streak and he is okay on defense, if the Bruins are looking for a small addition for depth Carkner is making $1.5M for the new three seasons.
  • Mark Striet of the Islanders as well is another option, in the final year of his deal he is making $4.1M this season and can add some depth to the Bruins blue-line.


  • A name I think the Bruins should look at is Brad Boyes, he has potential to put the puck in the net and add some depth to a forward core that is thin at the moment with the injury to Chris Kelly. His $1.2M cap hit is another plus.
  • Mathieu Perreault of the Capitals is another player who could fit in with the Bruins. Making just over $1M a season for this year and next, he is a small salary with a potential hit payoff.

These next guys are possible trade pieces for the Bruins but given the long term impacts I am not a fan of them going after them especially with the salary cap going down next season.

  • Martin St. Louis is a goal scorer in his own right, he is a skilled guy and the Bruins could use him big time. The contract for the next three seasons is a concern with a cap hit of over $5M per season, that might be a deterant to the Bruins and rightfully so if you really thing about it.
  • Mike Cammalleri is another scoring option, but he has a cap hit of $6M for this season and next without really producing despite his skill-set. He would be a major gamble for the Bruins and one that may not be worth it.

In terms of goaltending I think the Bruins are in good shape, Rask and Khudobin have been a solid 1-2 combo allowing a little over 2 goals per game, and that number was inflated over the last 3 weeks of sloppy play by a depleted Bruins defense which is why for once I am okay with the Bruins looking into defense at the deadline, I think they need to do something to shore up what is usually a strength of the team.

What about you guys? What do you think the Bruins should do?


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