Watch Dogs is a game I have been watching since it was introduced at E3 in 2012. Now that it is on the PS4, it definitely makes getting a PS4 more likely for me an option on release day. Even if Watch_Dogs is not a release day game, I bet Madden will be so that would be a good bridge game. What PS4 games are you looking forward to at this early stage?


GameCentral talks to the producer of one of the PS4’s best-looking new games, about the difficulties of creating a brand new franchise for a brand new console.

Despite all the brand new games unveiled last week for the PlayStation 4 arguably the most impressive was Watch Dogs, which made its debut as long ago as June last year. Back then it was only announced as a current generation title, although it was pretty obvious to everyone that a game of this technical complexity had clearly been designed with the next generation in mind.

And so it was confirmed at the Sony event (and will be again, we’re sure, when Microsoft unveils their new console). Perhaps it wasn’t fair to compare Watch Dogs to the other games since it was clearly much closer to completion than any of the others, but either way it had the best live demo of…

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