I Love The NBA!

Just Unpredictable, Untouchable, uncontrollable, unbelievable, and it’s also “Where Amazing Happens” #Celtics/Thunder p.s: INCREDIBLE!

Later: Bulls Lakers
and Pacers Heat

The March {“Madness”} everyone is prepping for in NCAA Basketball is its own but NBA madness is heating up, as teams jock for position. The Thunder chase the spurs for 2nd best record, and the Celtics chase the eat top teams, pacers, bulls, knicks, heat. It’s about to get real here folks!

Jeff Green returns to Thunder after being traded 2 years ago, missing last year with heart issue, “glad hes ok” and so the game is on and its getting thunderous. Durant is physical and crazy in the paint.

Bulls and Lakers is another game coming later today and The story, Kobe Guarantees Playoffs, chasing 8th seed, and for the bulls the question of whether rose can return sooner then expected, although medically cleared, he is not confident enough to dunk off his bad ankle. regardless in this fact the bulls lakers game will be MAMBAFIED! The story behind Kobe and his potential statement that he “fears nobody” if and when they make the playoffs, even at an 8 seed, we’ll see #24.

and now…….for the main event…….(Long L)……………………………

Pacers; the 2nd best team in the eastern conference face off against the streaking heat as the heat pose to try and achieve the 18th straight, but standing in their way is the ‘nightmare of indy’ and the pacers with Paul George w/o Danny Granger yet again, go to try and prove they are ‘big heat’ to the Miami chances of repeating. Lebron has been on a tear, Wade and company are just lights out, letting nothing come between them and history, the pacers wanted the 76ers to not spoil the streak, so the pacers could end it tonight!

Pacers and Paul George are leading the way and Roy Hibbert needs a big game says NBA Analyst Bill Simmons, the question is can Roy make the blocks needed? can the pacers freeze the heat’s streak and snap it? can the heat maintain the home court and silence the pacers stance? Newspapers could not come close to this big day…..GAME ON AT ^6EASTERN^ ON NBATV!

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