Blue Jays looking to be the beasts of the East, not just Canada

Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays have made some very big news with the trades they pulled off. The Jays have gone out and acquired stars to the like of RHP SP Josh Johnson, LHP SP Mark Buehrle, RHP SP RA Dickey, OF Melky Cabrera, and SS Jose Reyes. Add them to a mix of OF Jose Bautista, C JP Arencibia, 3B Brett Lawrie, OF Colby Rasmus and DH/3B Edwin Encarnacion, so the Blue Jays have the recipe for success on their roster. But will it translate to wins, the playoffs, or even a deep run?

Well lets start with a review, the Blue Jays went 73-89 in 2012. Their best pitcher was Brandon Morrow who went 10-7 with a 2.96 ERA which is where I thought he should have been when he was still in Seattle. The best reliever on the Blue Jays was Casey Janssen who posted a 1-1 record with a 2.54 ERA with 22 saves. On offense Edwin Encarnacion took the crown with a .280 BA, 42 HR, and 110 RBI.

This year they added 3 quality starting pitching arms with RA Dickey, Josh Johnson, and Mark Buehrle to attempt to take themselves from a below average team to in my mind a front runner in the division. That’s right I like the Blue Jays more than I like the Red Sox and Yankees at this point. The Blue Jays were already better than Boston last year, so the mere fact that they got better is only going to help the argument. But I think the Blue Jays have the pitching from 1 through 5 to make life miserable for other teams in the league with Josh Johnson, Ricky Romero, RA Dickey, Mark Buehrle and Brandon Morrow and that leaves pitchers like Bret Cecil, Dustin McGowan, and J.A. Happ without jobs in the rotation with provides decent arms to fill out the bullpen.

Add in Sergio Santos, and Casey Janssen and the Blue Jaws probably have one of the more complete rotations in baseball to go along with a pretty solid defense. And with Edwin Encarnacion, Brett Lawrie and Jose Bautista in the offense and you have probably a 90-100 win team out there just based on balance. And in a division that has so many teams that are similar in skill set then it makes them a dangerous team.

Guys to watch for to see if they can propel the Blue Jays to the next level are Josh Johnson, and Brandon Morrow. To me these two are the two best pitchers on Toronto even though Morrow has never really find his stride, he had the upside to be great and to me, last season he finally figured it out. I want to see if he can do it for a second straight season. If he can Toronto could run away with the division, which is great for baseball.


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